Our graduates
Photos of kittens of the A1 litter of the white Chocolate Cattery
Each kitten who has left for a new home remains a member of our large, friendly and restless family. We love them very much and are proud of them.

Graduates of the White Chocolate cattery successfully participate in exhibitions, are planning to breed and are very loved by their owners.

We will be happy to share with all site visitors their big victories, small successes and just moments from the life of our charming chocolates.
This is the leader and cheerleader of the whole company! Charming and fluffy!
Our Favorite! Left in the family.
Sweet, affectionate, tactful. The largest kitten. He is very similar to his mother Pelageya. It grows and turns into a gorgeous, imposing cat.
The smallest of the whole litter. At the same time, she was in no way inferior to other kittens. Anita, and we just called her Cutie! She conquered the whole family! And ours and the new owners.
Divine beauty! Everything about her is beautiful: appearance, character! Wool is like silk. Gorgeous tail. Cornflower blue eyes. We will wait for her kittens.
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